Solo Female Travel Tips for the USA

by Female Abroad

It is imperative to use caution when travelling, regardless of the traveler's gender, but no matter where you go on the globe, women travellers in particular need to exercise caution when travelling by themselves. Travel to America, in contrast, is considerably safer than to many other nations but precautions are quite beneficial, especially if you're a girl. Here are the top things to prepare / keep in mind for your trip.


Understanding the culture of the country should be your top priority; it is crucial to research the destination because the culture you adhere to may be very different. It will be quite beneficial if you make an effort to uphold the national values while you are visiting as you might go into problems if you're a rebel; therefore, it is crucial to never forget their culture. Do your best to interact with locals in a friendly manner and conversing with an open mind.


Be ready for a surprise from the weather! You never know what kind of weather you could encounter in each state you visit as they can very greatly. Typically, the northern regions are frigid while the southern states are hot and muggy but that all depends on the time of year you go. You might need to carry a variety of clothing items and be ready for snow or you may just need a light sweater for the evenings so when organizing your packing, keep the weather conditions of the state and season you are travelling in, in mind.

Don't just rely on maps

While using maps or GPS are a smart idea, you should also have backup plans. The majority of tourist destinations and even states themselves are enormous, so you may be moving over a considerable distance depending on where you are going. Depending on the distance you'll be travelling, get ready and if you can, speak to locals as they may be able to help you plan your commute more effectively. American's drive a lot so if you go by car but it is not as popular as it once was due to flying becoming so cheap so if you are going to drive, you won't find many restaurants along the way, and highways are frequently deserted. Due to this, you need to make sure that you have a full tank before you take on any highway trip as it might be difficult to refill if you get low. No one wants to be alone on a deserted highway with no cell phone service in a foreign city - this is how horror movies start!

In addition to these suggestions, be careful to abide by the standard safety advices you would take when travelling like never showing off your money in public, don't wear flashy clothes or jewelry, learn the emergency phone number and dial it if needed, and the many others.