Things to do with kids in Amsterdam

by Female Abroad

It is a good idea to plan some enjoyable activities in advance if you are travelling with kids to an Amsterdam city hotel. The city has a tonne of activities to keep kids entertained, and if they're pleased, you'll be too!

Get Outside

The city has numerous fantastic parks where kids may play and burn off steam to their hearts' content. These include Vondelpark and the Het Groot Melkhuis, which has a café next to a playground so that adults may unwind while kids run around. The quirky Kinderkookcafé in Vondelpark teaches kids to cook while offering them a tonne of toys and books to keep them occupied. There are also areas where you can rent skates around the park.

The Amsterdam Forest, the largest open space in the city, located on the outskirts of the city yet not too far from your accommodation in Amsterdam. With its wide meadows and gorgeous trees, it's a fantastic location for a picnic. There are numerous bike trails and a goat farm with a petting zoo; as a bonus, it also offers cheese and homemade ice cream. Additionally, there is an outdoor theatre, and the canal occasionally hosts rowing events.

Inside Day?

When you suggest taking the kids to a museum, you will frequently get opposition. However, you should persist because this city is home to several fantastic museums that the kids will enjoy.

The Diary of Anne Frank will likely have been read by many teenagers, and seeing Anne Frank Huis will undoubtedly bring her narrative to life. You can go see the hiding area where she spent two years and kept her diary.

A visit to the Tropenmuseum is also recommended because of its collection of unusual artefacts. Children are the focus of the Tropenmuseum Junior, where many of the displays use multimedia to transport visitors to enigmatic realms.

The weird green structure that houses the NEMO Science Centre is another fantastic museum to draw in the kids. Although the centre is geared toward children aged 6 to 16, adults may also find plenty to amuse them. The children will be entertained for hours by the variety of interactive exhibits available. All the senses will be engaged in learning how the world works through movies, plays, and demonstrations. Visitors may access the NEMO's sloped roof, and the outdoor café offers stunning city views. It turns into a sizable sand pit for the kids to play in during the summer. The Amsterdam, a reproduction of an 18th-century cargo ship previously owned by the Dutch East India Company, is situated just next to NEMO on the quayside. There are numerous hiding places to discover and opportunities for role-playing as a pirate.

There are numerous things to keep the kids busy wherever your hotel in Amsterdam is situated. Every family member will leave with fond recollections if pancake breakfasts or canal boat rides are included in the activities.