How to Dress in Thailand

by Female Abroad

When you travel to Thailand there are certain requirements depending on where you go and which sex /gender you are. It is worth known how these factors can affect not only your trip but how you pack.

Female in Thailand

Females can get away with things like:

- shorts

- tops

- skirts

- dresses

- capris

Due to the humidity of the country you will want to wear any of them in lightweight fabrics or natural ones that breathe like cotton or linen. Stay away from denim as it is one of the worse fabrics that you could wear and they take forever to dry.

Typically women should over their stomach and avoid super short shorts or skirts while away from the beach. If you are unsure as to what to wear, err on the side of caution and cover up. Things like sarongs are very helpful as you could use it as a towel, coverup, blanket, curtain while changing, and so many more as they work great in a pinch, are lightweight, and dry quickly.

Males in Thailand

Men in Thailand can expect to wear:

- Shorts

- Pants

- Short sleeved shirts, not button down with nothing under it

all made from lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen just like the females. If you can, again, stay away from jeans. You'll probably notice that Thai men wear Western clothing especially in the major cities as Thai men tend to wear pants and a collared shirt. Stay away from tank tops and super short sleeved t-shirts. With men, slip on shoes like loafers are also expected when going out or to business meetings.