General Info

by Female Abroad

Point form information to help plan the basic's of your trip.


Miami International Airport (MIA)

  1. main airport in Florida

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL)

  1. usually offers cheaper flights
  2. Downtown Miami to FLL is twice the distance of Downtown Miami is to MIA so make sure you book the right hotel!
    1. Brightline train will take you from Downtown Miami to Fort Lauderdale if you make a mistake

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

  1. Found in Fort Myers

Palm Beach International Airport

  1. is in Palm Beach

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

  1. While on the boarder of Central / Southern Florida a lot of families go to Florida for the theme parks so I thought I would include Orlando because you do not want to fly into Miami and then head to Disney as it is not an easy trip (well, once the Brightline Rail connection comes in, it will be a lot easier).
  2. Also known as Much Closer to Orlando
  3. This is where you want to fly in for Disneyworld and Universal Studios

Getting Around


  1. runs every 30 minutes from 6am - 11pm from Miami International Airport to Miami Beach.
  2. it travels the entire Mimi-Dade County so click the link to find the route that would work the best for you.

Most people rent cars but traffic is always an issue. Rental cars come with the Sun Pass transponder which let you get through the region's tolled rolls.

There is a free trolley bus that travels from South Beach up to 69th street

If you want to go to the Keys coach tours are available from Miami (roughly 4-5 hours)

Costs (Downtown Miami)

These are 2019 averages for Downtown, South Beach is going to be a lot more.

Hostels: $30-90

Cheap food: $20-40

Bike rental: $15-30

Hotel room: $100-150

Mid-meal: $20-30

Drinks at a bar: $25-60

Cover at a nightclub: $20+

Upscale restaurant: $50

Room service: $20-100

Sales tax is 6-7.5%

Hotels may charge a "Tourist development tax"


Busy / High season (Jan - Mar)

dry and sunny

book well in advance

things fill up quick due to festivals and winter weather up North

Mid / Shoulder season (April - May and Oct - Nov)

Spring is similar to winter without the snow

May is humid

October is hurricane season

Festival season starts up in the late fall

Low seasons (Jun - Sep)

very hot with cooling breezes

mosquitoes are at the worst especially at dawn and dusk


Miami Beach

tropical with wet and dry seasons

visit January to April


tropical with wet and dry seasons

visit October to December

The Everglades

mild to hot summers, cold winters

visit January to April

The Keys

warm to hot summers, mild winters

visit January to April

Key West

warm to hot summers, mild winters

visit October to December


tropical climate, rain year round

Health & Safety

After getting a bad rap a few years ago when several tourists were robber and murdered, the city has slowly started to clean itself up. While there is still a high crime rate as long as you exercise common sense you will be fine. Some basic points to this are:

stay out of dangerous neighborhoods after dark not sure where you are? stay in the tourist / busy areas

lock your valuables in your trunk if you have to leave them in your car

don't leave money / valuables in your hotel room outside of the safe

Insects are another item to be worried about.

Make sure to wear DEET or lemon eucalyptus essential oil to keep the hordes of mosquitoes at bay especially during the summer. If you are allergic to them like me then pack some antihistamines as well!

Other insects to watch for are gnats, no-see-um, chigger (red bug), tick (mostly in wooded areas), and red ants.

When it comes to the water, watch out for jellyfish. Blue Man O' war's are known to show up, steer clear as their sting is extremely painful (even if they are dead on the beach). If you do get stung seek medical attention and use white vinegar to dull the pain.

Things to Do

Airboat rides: shallow boats that skim over the water with hearing protection that are usually used in Florida's back-country (think Everglades)


Florida Trust: various historic sites can be accessed with the Historic Passport Program

Go Miami Card: wanting to see lots of sites? This card will give you bang for your buck. Choose your number of days and the attractions you want. While the card may seem pricy, it does save you money in the long run.

Hunting: gun season is from October to February throughout the states (check dates before going) in wildlife management areas

Lobstering: August 6 to March 31 is lobster season. Limits are 6 per day (24 per boat) and only in specific locations. Call 1-800-ASK-FISH for more information.

For More Infomation

Check out Visit Florida's tourism bureau.