Fly Drive Explained

by Female Abroad

Fly-drive is exactly how it sounds: it is when you fly to a location, drive around the area to a variety of locations, and then fly back. The most well-liked travel destinations to fly or drive are Florida and Las Vegas. Florida because there is so much to see in the state and because it is the cheapest and easiest way to get around. Fly-drive vacations are sometimes referred to as multi-centre, road-trip, or self-drive vacations instead.

Other variations of a Fly Drive involve arriving at one airport, renting a car, touring the area, seeing the sites you want to see, dropping the car off, and then departing from a different location. This is a fantastic alternative to take into account, but be sure to examine the fees associated with dropping the car off at a different location. Some car rental companies frequently charge a significant sum if you return the car to a location other than where it was picked up, especially if it is not a popular location.

Top 3 Types of Fly Drive Travel

Fly drive Package

The most basic package consists only of flights and rental car(s). Once you are certain of your destination, reserve your hotel room, rental vehicle, and flight tickets. As always, hunt around for the beast deals or locations for your trip - the market is incredibly competitive, and businesses always strive to present themselves as having superior deals. You can get some incredible deals if you are ready to visit out of season. One thing to note: insurance and taxes are not included in the primary quoted price for car rentals nor are any Add-on's you book upon pickup.

Inclusive Fly Drive package

In this kind of package a business provides a full bundle. The price for the flights, rental vehicle, and lodging are all in one total cost. When you purchase these items together rather as separately, you can frequently save money. However, make sure the lodging arrangements suit your needs and is not just based on price as you could be further away from attractions / city center than you want to be. Again, pay close attention to the details because taxes or insurance might not have been mentioned, also confirm inclusions and exclusions. Choosing a reputable and well-known company will result in a more clearly laid out offer that explains what is included and what must be added to the final price.

Independent Fly Drive

In this trip, you must reserve each component separately and on your own, booking directly with the business. By shopping around you should be able to discover the discounts and bargain seekers can uncover inexpensive fly-drive packages to various locations throughout the US.

Note: if you have not booked travel yourself before then I suggest sticking with the first two options as the guess work is taken out of the trip.