Cycling in Bangkok

by Female Abroad

With one day to kill in Bangkok, I was really debating heading out on a bike tour to be able to explore the area. However, once I realized how hot and humid Bangkok was, jumping on a bike with no option to take a shower before getting on a plane for 16 hours did not seem like a really bright idea. However, since I did the research, I thought I would share what I found, as maybe it will help you on your trip. As always, if you want more information, just click on the blue text to go to their websites. All links are provided for your convenience.

Spice Roads

This was a company that I sold a couple of times in the past so I know that they are reputable and they've been doing it since 1995 so they are known for it. All of their tours include an English speaking guide, bike, helmets, snacks, meals, entrance fees, pick up transportation (full day tours only, depends on hotel), and insurance. The ones that would have worked for me are:

  1. Bangkok Jungle (departs daily): explore vegetation among waterways and through small villages. Half day, 20km, easy rating
  2. Bangkok Sunset ride (daily): gentle ride through Bangkok at night by temples and pagodas. Half day, 17km, easy rating
  3. Floating Market (daily): boat ride through the market to your cycling location through fruit orchards, temples, and coconut plantations. Full day, 25km, easy rating
  4. Bike and Cook (daily): ride through the city, visit local farms to pick up produce and then learn how to prepare, cook, and serve a traditional Thai dish. Half day, 20km, easy rating
  5. Chinatown (daily): explore Chinatown and Southeast Asia's oldest trade markets. Half day, 26Km, easy
  6. Historic Ayutthaya (daily): bike up to the ruins, through the country side to the King's summer palace and back. Ride around Ayutthaya: Full day, 30km, easy Ride up to & back from Ayutthaya: Full day, 75km, active
  7. Khao Ito (daily): trail ride through various terrain that will test your skills. Full day, 30km, challenging

Besides group tours and multi-day tours private tours.

Another biking tour group that was recommended to me was:

The Other Side of Bangkok

This one is put on by a local named Peach who has been doing various guided tours for about ten years. She also does private tours and while not every tour departs daily there were a couple that would have worked for me:

  1. Taste of Bangkok (daily): exploring the city by bike. Half day, 15km
  2. Bangkok Hidden Treasures (daily): explore local communities by boat and bike. Half day, 20km
  3. Bangkok Jungle Oasis (daily): cycle through the "Green Lung". Half day, 20km
  4. Bangkok Floating Market (weekends): bike and boat through traditional markets. full day, 30km.

Have you taken any of these? Would you recommend them or someone different?

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