Cruising - St. Lucia

by Female Abroad

Imagine green islands full of dense rain forests, endless banana plantations, and the most well known peaks in the Caribbean. The possibly most romantic island has a very picturesque resorts with lots of family run inns.

Most ships dock at Castries at either:

Pointe Seraphine

- duty free shopping complex

- 15 min walk to the Crafts Market


Queen Elizabeth II / Port Castries (Place Carenage)

- commercial wharf

- ferries runs between both of them

- smaller ships may dock near Soufriere and tender guests ashore

Taxi's are available from either location

- point to point or full day excursions

- drivers are provided government sponsored training to provide day tours

- unmetered

- standard rates are posted at the entrance to Pointe Seraphine

- confirm with your driver the cost, currency, and if one way or round trip

- a 10% tip will be expected ​

Car rentals are needed if you are staying on the island and want to explore the North

- other areas of the island are full of winding mountain roads with sharp, hairpin turns

- Due to the dangerous driving climate it is best to take a ship-organized shore excursions

Helicopters can be booked to take you from Castries to / from Hewanorra which only takes 12 minutes