Celebrity Laundry

by Female Abroad

With an almost three week honeymoon and us wanting to live out of carryon cases only, packing everything we needed for a full two weeks was not a possibility as it just wouldn't fit. This is when we decided that we would just do laundry while on the ship so I packed some laundry detergent.

Upon boarding the ship we checked out the pricing to send things to be laundered and decided that we would be doing it by hand as the prices were just too high for us. I'll list the prices below the article. On top of the price of cleaning the item there is also a 50% surcharge if you need same day express service.

The tiny little sink made it difficult to wash items properly but I would just do a few socks and some underwear before draining the sink, rinsing the items, and then refilling it to repeat the steps. When it came to hanging clothes there were four hooks in the bathroom (2 in the shower and 2 on the door), the two towel racks were used, I hung a few things on the shower head as well as the knobs, and then I also hung a clothing line up in there. It was a lot of clothing but it worked. If there were things that we needed to try faster then I took a large monster clip, tucked one silver side behind a photo on the wall, and hung the clothing hanger from the other side of the silver clip. This worked well. When we were in port or had direct sunlight then I would move the wash line from the bathroom to in front of the window and close the curtain as it created a little dry with the trapped heat.

Half way through our cruise we were given a "promo"; $49.95 for all you can fit into the white paper bag without ripping it. Since we still had 10 days on the trip I figured that I would give it a go to see if it was worth it.