Breeze Through Security

Female Abroad

Getting to the airport is one hassle and then getting through security is another. Whether you are running late for your flight or you have enough time, standing in line, waiting to get through is usually the most stressful and boring part of the travel process. Hopefully these following tips will speed up getting you through the line. as they have worked wonders for me.

  1. Don't wear a belt through security, put it in your carry on and then put it on after you are through

  2. Grab two trays at the start since you know you'll have to put electronics in their own bin and then you'll need another one for your shoes and jacket, if you are carrying a bag then grab three

  3. Skip any shoes you have to tie or clip, slip on's are a blessing

  4. Put any liquids you have in a clear plastic bag so you can just grab them out of your bag and pop them into the tray

  5. If there are two of you travelling, don't put all your liquids in one bag (unless they are under the limit) as this will get you flagged for additional security

  6. Gel insoles can get confiscated so don't wear them or put them in your carry on, if you need them then make sure to check them

  7. Go to the left, most people are right handed so lines on the right tend to be longer.. if all the lines look the same then pick the line that doesn't have people with kids, slow movers, people in burka's, with disabilities, or rookie travellers.

  8. Wear the bare minimum for jewelry and don't worry about taking out earrings or piercings unless asked as they don't have enough metal to set off the detectors. Watches, rings, bracelets, metal headbands, and necklaces have to go through the x-ray though

  9. Skip anything you have to struggle to get off so wearing all your clothes can get tricky

  10. Don't wear anything too baggy as you'll get flagged for additional security

  11. If you can sign up for Nexus, Global Entry, TSA PreCheck or pay a bit more to get into the premium / preferred / trusted lines so you can just breeze through

  12. Keep your mood happy and flight. If you become frustrated or agitated you might be pulled in for additional security. If you are pointed to go to the xray instead of the metal detector, follow their direction. If you are selected for a pat down then do so without refusing. Note: you can ask the agent to put on a new pair of gloves before they pat you down and you can ask to be pat down in public. If you feel uncomfortable with the agent that wants to pat you or they refuse to change their gloves then you can ask for a supervisor but remember that this will take longer.

  13. Know what you can and cannot have in your carry on. As a general rule of thumb if it's flammable, sharp, or over the liquid limit for carry on's then check it.

  14. Make sure your electronics are fully charged since if TSA wants to check it and it won't turn on, they will confiscate it.

Any tips that you can think of that we missed? Drop us a line and let us know!