St. Thomas Beaches

by Female Abroad

With all the beaches on St. Thomas and so little time it is hard to decide where to go but luckily for you, I have made this easy to reference guide!

North Beaches

Magen's Bay Beach

This stunning one-mile expanse of shoreline holds the title as St. Thomas's most beloved and renowned beach. It serves as a public park, and its picturesque bay, shaped like a heart, offers a tranquil and sheltered environment. Visitors can rent beach chairs and floats, while a snack bar offers a variety of treats including burgers, pizzas, and other refreshments. Features: lifeguards, snorkeling, picnic tables, beach chair rentals, watersports & toys, food & drink, bathrooms, parking, entrance fee

Dorothea Beach

This beach has a completely untouched atmosphere with no facilities, bars, or dining options but it has excellent snorkeling. The northern side can be challenging during winter due to strong waves and currents that may direct you towards the rocks. Features: snorkeling, parking

Hull Bay

This beloved beach attracts local families and surf enthusiasts with its excellent surfing opportunities when there's a north swell. If you do visit, it's very important to respect the locals' protective nature. Adjacent to the beach is Hull Bay Hideaway, a restaurant and bar worth visiting, renowned for its delicious fish tacos. Features: snorkeling, food & drink, parking

East Beaches

Secret Harbour Beach

This tranquil and serene shoreline can be found at Secret Harbour Beach Resort. It features a floating swim platform and offers beach chairs for rental. You'll also find a dive company conveniently situated on the beach, along with a restaurant and bar. Features: snorkeling, watersports & toys, food & drink, bathrooms, parking

Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is renowned for its immaculate and untouched beauty (which the entrance fee goes towards keeping clean) this beach is maintained by the government of the Virgin Islands. This stunning beach boasts crystal-clear waters that are usually calm and inviting. The left section of the beach offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. While there are a limited number of picnic tables available, if you show up early enough you will have no problem grabbing one. Features: snorkeling, bathrooms, parking, entrance fee

Coki Beach

Situated adjacent to Coral World Ocean Park at Coki Point, this spot boasts a picturesque beach adorned with pristine white sand and sparkling, transparent waters - making it an ideal destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Along the shoreline, visitors can find a variety of beachside restaurants serving a delightful selection of picnic-style cuisine, ranging from mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches to tantalizing local delicacies. Moreover, there are convenient amenities available, including a dive shop, jet ski rentals, and numerous vendors offering snorkel gear, beach chairs, and floats for rent. Features: snorkeling, beach chair rentals, watersports & toys, food & drink, bathrooms

Sapphire Beach

Found at the Sapphire Beach Resort the sapphire-blue waters here are great for snorkeling, windsurfing, jet skiing and more. Features: snorkeling, beach chair rentals, watersports & toys, food & drink, bathrooms, parking, hotel beach

Vessup Beach

During the weekends, this hotel beach is very popular with the locals for lively parties and vibrant music. For a tranquil and uncrowded experience, it's best to visit on the weekdays after the cruise ships have left for the day. Besides a great place to hang out, this long beach is great just to walk along. Additionally, there is a watersports facility available where you can rent sailboats, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), windsurfers, and other water toys. Features: snorkeling, watersports & toys

South Beaches

Limetree Beach

This quiet hotel beach usually features a gentle surf but it is a bit rocky as you enter the water. There is a watersports hut open every day except Saturday. Features: snorkeling, beach chair rentals, watersports & toys, food & drink, bathrooms, parking

Lindbergh Bay

Found appropriately on Airport Road, this spot is named after the famous aviator who landed nearby in 1928. It features a tranquil bay which is flanked by three hotels along with palm trees and sea grapes which line the shore.

West Beaches

Brewers Bay

If you head west on Route 30, beyond the University of the Virgin Islands, you'll discover this lovely spot. Brewer's Bay holds a special place in the hearts of local families for weekend picnics and get-togethers. Its expansive shoreline invites visitors to bask in the sun or wade in the gentle shallows. However, be prepared for lively local music and bustling activity during weekends. Features: foods & drink, bathroom, parking