Attraction: Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

by Female Abroad

While on the island of St. Lucia we were taken to the Morne Coubaril Historical Park as part of our island tour through the cruise line and I could have easily have spent more time there.

When you arrive you are met with a few little souvenir shops that sell locally made items (from booze to coconut candy, various seasonings to chocolates, and more). There is also a little restaurant that serves up a variety of local dishes (try the sour orange juice, it's really good!). As you walk further along the trail you will see lots of local flora and fauna but keep your eyes out as there is also a replica of a small village (three huts) of how the original inhabitants would live. This will then also walk you through an herb garden that explains what each herb is used for.

Towards the end of this main path is a large home. Morne Coubaril is actually a plantation park which is owned by a family that spends most of their time on Marquis but uses this as their summer home (as per our guide). Just outside this house you will see a replica of one of the first vehicles on the island, examples of various local fruit, a coconut husk burning hut, and if you show up at the right time then someone will be showing you how they used to husk coconuts with a spear back in the old days before giving you some fresh coconut to try.

From there you can hike around and explore more (there is a really nice view down over the water slightly to the left). If you loop around the house's front lawn then you will see some star fruit trees before coming up to another building. This is the cocoa processing hut. Here they will show you how chocolate is made by hand while letting you try some before you head out the back and find a donkey. This donkey is connected to a well looking thing. Here you will receive a demonstration on how he is used to crush sugar cane and get the juice.

Besides being informational you can also go horseback riding to down to the beach or over to the volcano, hike to the mineral waterfall, check out the honey bees, or take a ride on the only zip line on the island that has views of the Piton.

Would I make a day trip out of this? Depends on what you want to do. If you have kids it is a lot of fun and they will learn lots. If you are an adult then you still will probably learn a lot. We enjoyed it and it would have been nice to be able to do more but that is the downside of a group tour.

For more information check out their website here.