Advice I wish I had

by Female Abroad

When I first started teaching, a few of my students had asked me about what is some advice I wish I had before I started travelling. Why? That way they can pass it along to their clients. After thinking about it, I came up with these 10 ideas:

  1. Travel with an actual paper map but don't buy them before going unless you have to since most tourist books at the airport have them included and so will your hotel.

  2. Grab as many tourist books at the airports and hotels that you can. There is nothing better than scoring some coupons and fresh ideas!

  3. Pack all of your important stuff in your carry on along with a pair of socks and panties in case your stuff gets lost.

  4. Don't eat in restaurants that have pricing in two currencies, go for a local place that has pricing in the local currency. This will not only save you money but most of the time they have better food and a more cultural feel.

  5. Layer. The first time I packed, my suit case was stupid heavy and my boyfriend laughed at me. I had everything I could possibly need as I packed for the best and worse case scenario. Luckily my packing habits have gotten a lot better but I learned to pack things you can layer, dark clothes hide stains better, and roll your clothes!

  6. Check in online for flights. 24-hours prior to your flights you can check in online. What a time saver! You can check to make sure there hasn't been any changes to your flight (and have enough time to speak with the airline if there has been), book your seats for free, get discounts on upgrades, and you can order those yummy specialty meals

  7. Using a digital camera? Have something to back it onto. I normally travel with an an electronic device that I can not only upload photos from the trip from but also to make copies of the photo's from that day. You never know when your camera might be stolen, dropped, or rained on so best to make copies so you don't lose everything.

  8. Walk. Most cities can be explored on foot which is a great way to see things you would normally not. However, if it is not a safe city or a rough area, drive on through!

  9. Take your time and relax. A vacation/trip is exactly that, a break from your regular life. You don't want to have to take a break once you get home. Rushing will also cause you to miss things. There are a lot of cities that had things I wish I could have done while there.

  10. Research! Decide what you are actually into and interested in. Then look and do some heavy research on where you are going. I usually spend about 6 months if not more planning a 2 week trip. Why? There is always something new I find out about a place that I did not know before. Something new opens, something closes, a festival/carnival gets announced, someone discovers something new and writes an article, a YouTube video gains popularity so you see it, etc.

There is so much to see and do but it is always important to enjoy your trip and if possible, leave a great imprint on the world and learn something to take home.