Accommodation Spying

by Female Abroad

I've been reading a lot of horror stories about people finding camera's in the Air BnB's and even a case of someone finding one in their cruise cabin recently. This has peaked my interest as it's not something that has crossed my mind before. Now that it's there, I really started to research ways that I can look for things like this. Unless you are taking part in Big Brother I'm sure you are not expecting to be filmed.

Well with how small cameras are these days how can I know what to look for? Where would I even start? After doing some research it looks like the main give away of a camera is a "tiny hole not meant to be there". Thanks captain obvious! Some places recommended would be spines of book, light bulbs, mirrors, house plants, toilets, and smoke detectors.

If someone is wanting to keep an eye on the place then they will likely put them in the living room, kitchen, and hallways probably pointing towards windows and doors. If they are pervy then they would have them in the bedroom and bathroom aiming at places you'll be naked or showing your bits.

Either way, cameras will be higher up and not blocked so they can film as much as possible. Now that you might have an idea as to where to look, how will you look?

The easiest way to do a quick sweep is in the dark. Turn off all the lights and use a flash light (or app) and slowly go over the room or questionable areas while looking for reflections. The glass in the camera lenses will reflect or look shiny which might be obvious for things like books that should be shiny....

After you've done your hunt, take a look at the mirror. These are normally shiny so of course it will be harder to tell with a light shining on it. My favorite way to tell (and I do it in elevators as well as public restrooms) is to put you finger tip against the mirror like you are pointing at yourself. There should be a space between your finger and the reflection. If you are touching yourself in the mirror, it's a two way.

When it came to the Air BnB the camera they found was connected to the internet. While some camera may be connected to a memory card so this trick won't work, this will work for the internet kind. Connect to your host's Wi-Fi and use a free network scanner to find internet connected cameras. This is extremely easy to do as most accommodation hotels will let you connect to their Wi-Fi just for staying there. A recommended app I've come across is fingapp. I haven't used it but with my up coming trip I think I'll give it a go.

Side note - if you are staying in an AirBnB or similar rental and find one, report it to the site you booked through as they'll follow up with the host....