5 Unique ways to save on your next trip

by Female Abroad

Trying to travel and save money can be a very difficult task but through both trial & error as well as my years in the industry I have put together this trip that will help you travel for cheap or even free. None of these companies are affiliated with The Female Abroad but I am supplying the information and links as an informative resource so make sure to do some of your own research before booking.

1. Choose your Work Carefully

When it comes to working you will want to put some thought into what you want to do if travel is your main goal. You could get a job in the travel industry and then use the various perks you receive to travel the world or you could get a trade or study for a career that would allow you to move to different parts of the world to work. You could even volunteer if you really wanted to. The options are endless, all you have to do is look and the following websites can really help you.

GoOverSeas.com: This website features a ton of different opportunities, from studying to volunteering, teaching to internships, high school to language schools, and more.

Idealist.org: This website helps you find internships and volunteer opportunities.

Yacht Crew Seekers: This website is for people who are interested to join a yacht crew no matter their sailing experience.

Jobs on Yachts: Pretty much the exact same premise as Yacht Crew Seekers, Jobs on Yachts offers a variety of positions on yachts.

FindaCrew.net: Same as the two above, this website allows people to post their boats and hire people who want to help crew them.

Search Associates: places teachers, admin, counselors, librarians, and interns in over 700 vetted international schools across 120 countries.

HelpX: a variety of organic farms, farmstays, hobby farms, ranches, homestays, backpacker hostels, and more that are looking to exchange work for lodging.

Help Stay: your skills to help out a variety of people across 100+ countries in exchange for lodging.

Work Away: a variety of working holidays, volunteering, and cultural exchange in 170 different countries.

If you are more interested in Volunteering then also make sure to check out:

Cusco International: a Canadian charity working to end poverty and inequality by providing a variety of volunteer trips.

Peace Corps: an American government program that trains volunteers and sends them out worldwide to help aid relief.

2. Live in Someone Else's House

Besides vacation rental sites like Air BnB and HomeAway, did you know that you could do things like House Swapping? This is when a stranger stays in your home and they stay in yours. Websites like the following can help make this transaction seamless and less weird. There are other options as well such as staying in someone's house to watch their pets or animals where you get to stay for free and might even get paid for it.

Home Exchange: For $175 per year you can create an account which will allow you to connect to a variety of people across 159 countries who want to stay in your home and have you stay in theirs.

Love Home Swap: This company also has a yearly membership fee and access to places in 100 different countries. I have not used them but from what I see online about them, they have very strict safety guidelines.

Home Link: The OG company that started the home swapping industry. Also featuring a yearly fee, once you decide to make your swap a formal contract "Exchange Agreement Form" is actually created so everyone understands what is going on.

Trusted House Sitters: the site for people who are looking for home or pet sitters and those that are able to help out.

Couch Surfing: stay with people on their couch or in an extra bedroom.

3. Explore the Old Country

Depending on where your family hails from, did you know that you might qualify for a cheap or even free vacation to visit where your ancestors came from? I was surprised to learn about this, but there are some governments and tourist boards that are extremely keen on having their brethren experience the Old Country such as:

Birthright Armenia: With the option to volunteer or intern you can learn the language while staying with a host family and taking a variety of excursions.

Cuba One - Tu Cuba: Are you a Cuban American between 22 - 35 who want to help the Cuban's in Cuba? Then you might qualify for this free trip to Cuba

Birthright Israel: Are you a Jew between the ages of 18 - 26? You may qualify for a free trip!

Heritage Greece: Are you a Greek American college student? Then you may qualify for this discounted trip to Greece to learn about your heritage.

Reconnect Hungary: Were you born in the US or Canada, between the ages of 18-28, and have Hungarian heritage? You can apply for this discounted trip to Hungary to learn about your heritage.

Birthright Macedonia: Are you 18+ and come from Macedonia? You may qualify for this unique Intership Work Program that will earn you an undergraduate college credit.

4. Reposition Vehicles

Whether it is a repositioning cruise or moving a vehicle from point A to B, you could save a bunch of money by helping out a business! While it is best to call the various cruise lines for quotes on their repositioning itineraries, trying to find a car that needs to be moved is a little easier with:

Auto Driveaway: found all across North American, this company will match a car with a driver that can move the vehicle from its current location to its final destination.

5. Timeshares

Depending on who you talk to, most people will think that timeshare presentations are the worst thing on earth where as others think that they are great for what they get in exchange. No matter which side of the fence you are on, they are a great way to get free things as long as you ask a ton of questions and get the answers you want.

Timeshare Promotions: this website lists active timeshare presentations and what they are offering for attendees.