5 Things to do While Social Distanced

by Female Abroad

The CDC presently advises avoiding direct contact with others by keeping a physical distance. Basically, "keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home" is what this means. The easiest way to put this into practice, they say, is to keep your distance from other individuals at least six feet, or around two arms' length. A fun vacation to Florida is still possible even while you're engaged in social distancing, as there are many enjoyable things you can do while you're here that will also keep you away from other people.

1 - Head to the Beach

When COVID was first announced and people were locking down, the beach was still the place to be. Florida has some of the greatest beaches and it is super easy to find socially distanced space on one. Most people do not want to be within six feet of you on a standard beach day so finding space is super easy. Current information states that Vitamin D can help boost your immune system and help prevent you get COVID so if sunbathing is a to do of yours, this makes it even better.

2 - Rent a Vehicle

If sun bathing is not for you then you could always go for a swim, explore the area, or see if there are any cars that you could rent a vehicle. Have you ever wanted to drive a convertible? Sports or Muscle Car? Maybe something unique looking like a Polaris Slingshot? No matter what you want to drive, it is usually pretty easy to find what you are looking for across Florida. However it may depend on your location as flashy cars are usually found more South (i.e. South Beach, Miami) and the the Polaris's are usually found in Daytona Beach.

3 - Take a Walk

Even though Florida is quite flat and you cannot hike, there are a ton of places that you could go for a walk or a jog as each city in Florida has multiple parks, outdoor mall areas, and more that you could spend a day exploring. Just make sure to take a mask with you in case you want to go inside somewhere, as you never know who will require you to wear one. Another option would be renting a bike - checkout my article on Bcycle

4 - Head to the Pool

While lots of hotels have pools (and if you are in Disney, they are really neat) but did you know that you could actually rent a private pool? There are a couple of options:

  1. rent a property via Air BnB or VRBO that features a pool
  2. use a service like Swimply

If you have never heard of Swimply, it is the Air BnB of pools. People list their pool on the site and you can rent the pool and area around it by the hour. If you want to do something more than just swim, they are also renting hot tubs, tennis courts, and more!

5 - Wine Tasting

I know, I never thought that I would ever use Wine Tasting and Florida in the same sentence but Florida actually been perfecting wine growing for over 75 years and the state even has over 35 wineries that you could visit especially since most of the tastings are done outside where it is a lot easier to distance. I love fruit wine, especially with exotic fruits so Florida is one of my favorite places to drink as wines are usually made with exotic or citrus fruit but you can also find grape wine made of Muscadine grapes or some hybrids (usually Muscadine crossed with Bunch Grapes).

While the rules from the CDC keep changing, this may make you feel a bit more comfortable in planning your trip to Florida. Just make sure to check entry & exit requirements for the USA and your country if you are travelling abroad to Florida.