20 Things You Will Want to Pack

by Female Abroad

While it is super easy to overpack sometimes you really need to pack or at least grab a few extra items to make your trip just a bit more fun or easier. These are 20 things that I would suggest you think about packing.

  1. Cheap Jewelry
    The most commonly lost items during beach / swimming trips are engagement and wedding rings followed by earrings. If you have a piece of jewelry you do not want to lose then leave it at home and bring something cheaper or wear it and then leave it in the safe (if there is one) at your accommodation when you head out for any activities. Remember, you may not lose the piece you could also lose stones from it as well.

  2. Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Cover
    There is a ton of things going on under the water so if you have a way to take photos under the water, it will help you keep all your trip memories and share photos of the unique underwater life.

  3. Fish Food
    I know, it is random but if you are going snorkeling, it is a great way to attract fish!

  4. Waterproof pouch or bags (ex. Ziplock bags)
    Use them for keeping things dry during time on or near the water and then you can use them to store wet clothes (especially if you are packing to leave).

  5. Luggage Scale
    Some accommodation may have a scale but after staying in paradise, you may end up buying more than you thought you did plug wet clothing weighs more so having a luggage scale can help save you some money on your way home. Make sure that you read your ticket to find out what the airlines luggage weight is, most will have a max of 50 lbs per bag.

  6. Extra camera supplies
    Batteries, cords, memory cards, waterproofing, etc. Leave the selfie stick at home.

  7. Luggage Tag, Tape, or Pompoms
    Makes it easier to find your luggage

  8. Money Belt
    Keep your cash safe while out and about.

  9. First Aid / Medical Kit
    Band-aids, alcohol pads, pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, antihistamine, tums, pepto-bismol, gravol, chub rub stick, bug bite cream, sunburn cream, anything you else you may need like Epi-Pen or sleeping pills.

  10. Deet Free Bugspray
    Deet has been discovered to make sunscreen 40% less effective and sunscreen causes Deet to absorb 3 times faster into the skin. Try to find something with at least 20% picaridin or 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus instead.

  11. Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask
    Never know when you will need either but always handy to have

  12. Hair Dryer or other styler
    The resort may or may not have a hair dryer but they won't have a curler or flat iron.

  13. A surge protector & Converter
    The Bahamas uses the same outlets as the US & Canada but the power is regularly dirty and cuts out often so a surge protector is a must.

  14. Multi-port Charter
    Never know when you will need a USB charger or one with a plug. This helps make sure you can charge everything you bring with you as long as you have the cord.

  15. Portable water bottle
    This makes travelling through the airport cheaper as you don't need to purchase bottles of water and at the resort, make sure to fill it up before hitting the beach or the town.

  16. Insulated mug
    Keeps drinks cool while at the beach or maybe you want to bring a cuppa-joe back to your room, then it will keep it hot.

  17. Water shoes
    While most beaches are very sandy, these will help on the ones that are not. They are also great to use around the resorts in public areas to keep your feet clean.

  18. Bag for Dirty Clothes
    A garbage bag is great to just throw dry, dirty clothes into and then it can help you protect any alcohol you may be wanting to bring back.

  19. Portable Battery Pack
    These days everyone uses their phone for taking photos and for reference so you never know when it will die. To prevent this make sure to have a portable battery pack and required cord so you can charge on the go.

  20. Hydration Tablets
    It is extremely easy to become dehydrated in the heat and if you catch a gastrointestinal bug then to spend time in the bathroom doing activities that will dehydrate you. Hydration tablets or drink package mix are super handy as you just add them to water.