Popular locations: San Blas and Panama Canal

by Female Abroad

First of all, Panama, the southernmost country in Central America, is a mix of everything. Nature has bestowed everything she has on this tiny country, and humans have also created some amazing things. For your visit to Panama, these are two areas of attraction that you mustn’t miss at any cost. 1. the Panama Canal (architectural wonder of the world); and 2. San Blas Panama is a place that is steeped in nature and history. However, we ended up skipping both while in town! We kept being told we had to see them but as we did not, I did however note the reasons we were given as to why we needed to see them.

Panama Canal

The 48-mile-long Panama Canal connects the Pacific and the Atlantic. The construction took ten years, and it was finally finished in 1914. The canal, which sees more than 15,000 vessels per year, is a key location for international marine trade. It is listed as one of the seven global modern wonders.

Panama Canal Tours

Numerous tourist organizations have organized tours of the Panama Canal. The Puente de Las Americas is usually the first stop on your trip. The Miraflores Locks are usually the first in a series of locks you visit after the enormous man-made Miraflores Lake, located between the Miraflores Locks and the Pedro Miguel Locks. You will keep climbing upward as you pass past Corte Culebra. Since Corte Culebra is the Panama Canal's narrowest section, you can observe how challenging it is for ships to pass through before you descend below the Centennial Canal at the end of the excursion.

San Blas

49 of the 378 cays and islands that make up the archipelago of San Blas, Panama, are inhabited. This location is one of nature's biggest beauties thanks to the palm trees, sand beaches, and coral deposits that were responsible for the formation of every island. The most popular activities here include swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking due to the area being home to one of the world's most diversified marine ecosystems. In San Blas, Panama, observing the Kuna Indians go about their daily lives is like travelling back in time. You will be able to observe how simply they live and learn about their traditions and customs, which will help you feel removed from your home country.

Given that they are on different sides of the country, having a proper plan in place is necessary to see both the Panama Canal and San Blas, depending on the length of your trip. The Panama Canal and San Blas will absolutely awe you and demonstrate the brilliance of both nature and humanity. You'll return home having changed.

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