Free Walking Tours of Amsterdam

by Female Abroad

While there is so much to do in Amsterdam, there is also a lot to do for free. My favourite free things to do were the walking tours. Not only did I learn so much and find my bearings, if I was tired, found somewhere I wanted to explore, or the weather changed then I just left. This was also a great way to help with jet lag as it gets me out, moving, in the fresh air, and it helps prevent me from wanting to curl up to sleep the day away.

When it comes to the free walking tours, there are a few companies that are popping up and providing them but I have used Strawberry Tours both in Amsterdam as well as other locations around the world for years so I will be focusing on them for this article.

Now I am sure you are wondering if they are legitimately free and they really are, no hidden fees, no booking fees, nothing. The only thing that is expected (but not forced) are tips at the end of the tour based on how well you enjoyed the tour. Typically, $10-50 per person is the average.

Here are the tours that they currently offer for Amsterdam.

Top rated on Strawberry Tours:

Experience Amsterdam's hidden highlights with & like a local

As my hometown for my entire life, I will take you through all the highlights of the nicest capital in the world. More importantly, I will take you through the alleys and backstreets that you would have never found yourself! See it as a mix between history and daily life ps. Of course, you get a list of my personal recommendations. Through the eyes of a local: the best cafes, restaurants, museums and things to do. pps. I am one of the few Amsterdam 'by night' tour guides so if a time slot is open for in the night: come & join!

Says they are the #1 tour, not sure where though....

Walking Tour in Amsterdam

“From the Red Light District to the evolution of Amsterdam as the global centre of world trade in the 17th century, its transition from a republic to a monarchy, the tragedy of the Nazi occupation and its enlightened and effective attitude to drug control, your guide will stitch these diverse items together with humorous personal anecdotes and insightful commentary on the underlying social and cultural mores of the Dutch people”.

This one seems to be the closest to the Red Light District tour I took as they no longer offer it:

The Essential Amsterdam Walking Tour (ENGLISH +18)

As we go for a pleasant walk through hidden alleys, at each step lifting the veil of its unseen memory, we get intimate with this fantastic city, and by the end of our tour, you will really understand what shaped this place and it's people. Covers: rigins of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, Oude Kerk & the Miracle of Amsterdam, VOC Headquarters (Dutch East India Company), Dutch golden age and Independence, WW2 and the Dutch Hunger, Winter Jewish District and old boat houses, Dancing Houses Drugs & and crime in Amsterdam, Modern dutch culture.

If Jewish history interests you, then they have two tours you might be interested in, listed based on ranking:

Jewish Quarter and World War II

On this route we will dive into the history of Amsterdam's Jewish community and its persecution during the German occupation in the Second World War. You will discover with us the most iconic spots along the area where the Dutch Jewish community was mainly based in (the Portuguese synagogue, the Waterloo square, the Ashkenazi synagogue...). And we will take a deeper look at the different strategies that part of the Dutch society developed to undermine the occupation from within.

Tour of the Jewish Quarter, WWII & the Anne Frank Story

We will use Anne Frank’s story to understand what it was like to live in a country occupied by a Nazi regime for both Jews and non-Jews, And we will talk about the incredible exploits of the heroes and traitors during the war, both Jewish and Christian.

They are adding new tours, list this one:

Dutch Books, Art, Food and Museums: a many faceted walk through the center of Amsterdam

Come with me on a walking tour that starts at the academic and literary heart of the city (where you find the book markets and the University of Amsterdam) and continues all the way through to the thriving art district, finishing our tour on the Museumplein, by the Rijksmuseum, where many of the great museums of Amsterdam are gathered in one place.