the Eclectic Brown Cafes of Amsterdam

by Female Abroad

The Netherlands' capital city is undoubtedly an interesting place, and it warmly welcomes visitors to experience its charmingly welcoming environment and laid-back city culture.

There is no denying that the number of pubs, cafes, and restaurants in the city is enormous—more than 1500 are thought to exist. Remember that the terms "bar" and "cafe" are interchangeable in this context and that both provide everything from early-morning coffee and pastries to late-night cocktails. You'll quickly learn that there is a cafe or bar on every corner of the city, as well as on many of the side streets. There are a tonne of them, and each one is distinct and offers something fresh or different to draw onlookers inside. These places are an essential component of the character of the city, thus adventurous visitors who elect to stay in an Amsterdam hostel will undoubtedly find themselves mingling with the locals in one of these cafés at some point. The Dutch refer to the Brown Cafe's as "Gexelligheld," which, when translated, encompasses all the aforementioned qualities, and they are the epitome of coziness, comfort, and relaxation.

The "brown cafés" are the ones associated with the capital more than any other cafes in the city. Every brown cafe has its own unique eclectic qualities that are all inspired in some way. There are frequently dark wood furnishings, padded benches, and low ceilings; some feature secret niches and flagstone flooring decorated in an antique style. Others choose to create a more romantic ambiance, with nooks and crannies ideal for lovers seeking some peace and quiet. Some owners like to cater to the art and culture lovers by hosting live music evenings or funky exhibitions. There are sports bars, of course, where you may find the devoted locals sipping beer and getting their daily dose of Dutch gin.

You won't ever be far from a cafe to suit your mood if you are staying in one of the hostels in Amsterdam that are close to the city's centre. The city centre's vibrant nightlife, festivities, parties, and socialising continue well into the morning hours. It is also important to mention that these brown cafes always provide excellent service.

The friendly, carefree attitude of the inhabitants is evident in the way they carry out their duties. Although you shouldn't anticipate having your every need catered to, a simple finger-raise will get the waiter's attention.

You can typically run a tab and pay at the end of the evening, unless you are sitting outside.

You can certainly do some research in advance to determine the best bars and cafés nearby the Amsterdam hostels you're considering, but the best course of action is to ask the staff for their recommendations when you arrive.