Viewpoint Las Jazmines

by Female Abroad

"Do you want to do one more stop or eat now?" our guide asked us "I suggest one more stop before eating as the rain is coming." she quickly answered her own question and we just nodded in agreement. She is the local after and would know these things.

Not long after leaving the Mural de la Prehistoria we were pulling up to Viewpoint Las Jazmines. After our driver parked the car we headed over to the viewpoint for a breathtaking view of the Vinales Valley.

There is a hotel (Hotel Los Jazmines) which has a better view over the valley, a viewpoint area, a couple small souvenir stalls, a bar, and a bathroom. Besides that there is nothing else. In you are in Vinales then it is really easy to pop up for a view but it is not good enough to make it the whole reason you travel to Vinales.