by Female Abroad

If you are visiting the Czech then you are sure to eat at restaurants and the top question I was always asked was "what do I tip?" While this article is short, its to the point and should answer.

We found out that the best places to eat were places that only priced their food in CZK. If you decide to eat in a place that shows both EUR and CZK or just EUR pricing then you are going to pay a lot more for the same meal you could get if you go to a restaurant that just charges in CZK. To find these places that only charge in CZK, get out of Old Town or go under Charles Bridge on Kampa Island.

When it comes to a tip, typically it is included in the bill but you are still expected to round it up to the closes 50 CZK or 100 CZK. At a bar, pub, or café then tips really aren't expected but people will normally leave a few Korunas. Extravagant tipping may embarrass the serving staff, not impress them, and it is considered culturally ignorant.

If you ended up going to an actual Czech restaurant for a beer, you will know it's authentic because there will be a card on your table with drawings of different beer glasses. As they bring you a beer, they cross / scribble in the type of glass they brought you. You also, won't have to ask for another beer as they will keep them coming until you say stop.