The Great Outdoors

by Female Abroad

You can drive through the Czech Republic in one day, but you can spend all your life walking through it. The Club of Czech Tourists has been improving for more than one hundred years the dense network of marked footpaths and ski-paths, totaling up to 40,000 km and supplemented with detailed maps. The Czechs love cycling and cross-country skiing in the winter - marked routes will not disappoint you in any season. They will provide you with erudite information about natural beauties and historical sights in the landscape and they will take you to all places including the most valuable areas - national parks, unique eco-systems and landscape preserves.

National Parks

Krkonose: Unique nature of the North and the spring of the river Labe

Ceske Svycarsko (Bhoemian Switzerland): Romantic landscape in the border region

Podyji: A wild river valley

Sumava: The green roof of Europe

Satellite photos show in the center of Europe a striking basin surrounded w2ith a circle of mountains - the Czech Republic. Mountains wreaths most borders; the landscape inside is beautifully varied and diversified. Slightly undulating hills between fruitful lowlands along life-giving rivers, deep forests as well as densely populated areas. Rock towns are really natural jewels. Rock-climbers know them best and give them familiar names. You can see there more than thousand rock towers. Sun, frost, wind and water had formed during thousands of years the unique European UNESCO geo-park Bohemian Paradise. This romantic landscape combines diversity of natural beauties and abundant architectural monuments - castles, chateaux and folk architectural The system of fishing ponds in the cultivated landscape of South Bohemia is very interesting too. Hundreds of fishing ponds were created mostly in the Renaissance era as artificial water reservoirs designed originally for breeding of famous Bohemian fish, which was exported at that time to royalty all around Europe.

Natural Sights

Snezka: The highest Czech mountain (1,602 meters above sea level) in the mountains of Krkonose

Spring at Karlovy Vary: Geyser of hot mineral water with temperature of 72C

Rozmberk Fishing Pond: The largest pond

Pravcicka Gate: In Bohemian Switzerland; the largest rock bridge in Europe

Cerne Lake: In the mountains of Sumava; the largest and deepest Czech lake

Vltava: The longest Czech river

Lake Lipno: The largest lake

Macocha: An abyss in Moravian Karst; the largest abyss in Central Europe

Pancavsky Waterfall: In the mountains of Krkonose; the largest Czech waterfall

Active Czech

Are you looking for ideas for you next vacation? Would you like to spend it actively, improve your condition, find beauties not known before? The diversified nature offers trips for walkers and bikers, water enthusiasts and fans of flying; many opportunities for spending leisure time actively. In modern sports centres you can try several disciplines at once - tennis, table tennis, ball games, squash, mini-golf, and many others. Many golf courses located in beautiful landscapes as well as water reservoirs and rivers wait for you. You can enrich your stay in the countryside farms with horse-riding, fishing, or mushrooming. Daring fans of Adrenalin sports, such as bungee jumping or tandem jumps will find their opportunities too. And did you know that Czech mounts were the cradle of skiing in Central Europe? Do not hesitate to test it; snowy hills and ski centres offering all services wait for winter-sport lovers. Let sports-loving visitors to our country have fun and pleasant memories in any season.

Do you prefer to watch sports as a spectator or do you prefer to contest yourself? Here are a couple of tips:

- Rock climbing in Adrspasske Skaly

- hiking Krkonose Mountaings

- Snezne Jamy

- Jizerska 50; mass cross-country skiing

- Golden Track Show; Super Grand Prix Athletic meeting

- Prague Marathon - Grand Prix of the Czech Republic in Brno; championship of road motorcycles

- Grand Pardubice Steeplechase; the most difficult steeplechase in continental Europe