Room Service on the Equinox

by Female Abroad

While onboard the Equinox, we were not planning on leaving our room for breakfast when we found out that room service was included (of course we did eventually) so we did end up trying quite a bit. I'm not sure if the list below is just for the concierge class and there are different ones given for different classes as well as different itineraries but at least this will give you an idea as to what to expect. Also, don't assume that the food will be steaming hot when it arrives as most of the times ours was lukewarm at best.

Delivery Time Options

6 - 6:30AM

6:30 - 7AM

7 - 7:30AM

7:30 - 8AM

8 - 8:30AM

8:30 - 9AM

9 - 9:30AM

They will call you before it arrives so you have time to get dressed or clear the table so they can put it down. You will also have to fill out the door card and have it hanging outside your stateroom before 2AM.


Freshly brewed coffee or decaf

Tea - I would make a note that I want mint and I'd get mint; otherwise it's orange pekoe

Hot chocolate


Juices: Prune, Apple, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Tomato, Premium Orange Juice (fresh squeezed), OJ (concentrated)

Smoothies: Strawberry, Mixed Fruit, Blueberry-watermelon, Omega 3-smoothie with soy milk (thick and tastes like banana)








Assorted Fruit Plate - usually was a piece of pineapple, two slices of honeydew, two slices of cantaloupe, and a piece of watermelon


Raisin Bran

Corn Flakes

Rice Krispies

Frosted Flakes

Special K



Granola Berry Parfait



Skim Milk

Soy Milk

Lactose Free Milk

Fruit Yogurt

Cold Cuts


Black Forest Ham

Danish Ham

Eggs & Omelets

Scrambled Eggs

Poached Eggs on Toast - always hard, never runny

Fried Eggs: choice of over easy, over medium, well done

Boiled Eggs: choice of soft boiled or hard boiled - the soft boiled you have to leave in the shell until they cool or else it's like cracking open a raw egg

Omelets: choice of plain, cheese, mushroom, or ham

From the Griddle


Breakfast Ham

Link sausage

Canadian bacon

Hash brown potatoes - shaped in a triangle, usually over cooked and cold

Corned beef hash

Pancakes: choice of buckwheat, blueberry, plain, or banana

French Toast


Assorted Danish Pastries - usually 1 cheese Danish, 1 cherry Danish, and a random jam filled one

Croissant - sometimes 2 mini's, sometimes one full size

French bread

Toast: white, whole wheat, or rye Multi-Grain bread

Muffin: English, bran, or blueberry

Bagel: plain or onion

Premium Breakfast Items (additional cost)

U$7 - Angus New York Strip Steak'n Eggs: grilled 8oz New York Strip with two fried eggs cooked to your liking

U$ 9 - Black truffle omlette: drizzled with truffle oil and served with a sautéed mushroom mix

U$ 9 - Fresh egg omelette with smoked salmon and osetra caviar

U$ 9 - Crab cake benedict with chived hollandaise and a side of sautéed herbed potatoes

Premium Beverages (additional cost - check your iTV for prices, not included in any drink packages even if they are outside of your room)

Champagne Mimosa

Bloody Mary

Tea: Earl Grey, Estate Darjeeling, Bombay Chai, English Breakfast, Decaf Breakfast, Formosa Oolong

If you decide to order any of these premium items, you will also be charged an 18% gratuity even if you have prepaid or have your gratuities included in your package.