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If you are planning on exploring Prague and all of it's municipalities a car is not the way to do it (Prague Old & New Town are walking friendly but not so much car friendly) plus walking it could be too quite the hike. Luckily Prague has a very good Metro (subway) and tram line which runs from 5am to midnight daily.


The Metro line is broken into three:

Line A (Green):

Dejvická, Hradčanská, Malostranská, Staroměstská, Můstek, Muzeum, Náměstí Míru, Jiřího z Poděbrad, or Flora.

Line B (Yellow):

Křižíkova, Florenc, Náměstí Republiky, Můstek, Národní Třída, Karlovo Náměstí, Anděl, Invalidovna, Pamlovka, Smíchovské Nádraží

Line C (Red):

Vyšehrad, I. P. Pavlova, Muzeum, Hlavní Nádraží, Florenc,Vltavská, and Nádraží Holešovice

To buy tickets, you can do so at either the yellow machines at the metro stations, major bus stops, from news stands, or from the City Transport Authority Information Offices. If you do decide to buy them from the machine, there is an "English" button so you know what you are buying.


Infant: child under 6 years of age

Child: a child between the ages of 6 and 15

Student: a person between 15 to 26 that is either a card carrying international student or a student of a Czech high school or University.

Adult: person aged between 15 and 69 that is not a student.

Senior Citizen: Czech citizen or international Czech resident aged more than 70.

Plnocena: Full price.

Discounted: Age or time restricted.


The entire transportation net work is extremely dense but most of the roots link up to buses to make it easy to get around. If yo u are looking for timetables and more information check out Some of the ticket prices are listed on the site as well. If you are going to travel remember that train is usually slower but more comfortable and buses are cheap plus sometimes faster. For the intercity coaches you buy the ticker from the driver and for trains, at the station or at Prices are 2019

24Kc (Czech Koruna) - Adult

3 zone ticket allowing for travel on trams and buses

valid for 30 minutes if used in central Prague (zone "P") from time of validation

valid for 60 minutes outside of Prague

Buy this ticket if you are

starting outside of zone P and completing your trip in less than 1 hour

travelling within zone P in less than half an hour

travelling on-way on the Ujezd-Petrin funicular

16Kc (Czech Koruna) - Transfer / Child / Luggage

same as the ticket above

Buy this ticket if you are:

- a child under 15 traveling on a combo of transportation

- a child under 15 traveling on the Ujezd-Petrin funicular

- a child traveling on the night tram / bus

- an adult requiring a ticket for each large item of luggage luggage that is large than 25 X 45 X 70 cm


if an adult has a 3 day (72 hour) pass then:

- one child may travel with them for free

- one large piece of luggage can travel for free

- stroller with an infant (empty strollers are treated as large luggage)

- cat or dog in a bag (not in a bag, they are charged at an adult ticket price)

- 1 pair of skis

- bike during off-peak hours only on the metro

32Kc (Czech Koruna) - Adult

valid for zones P, O, and B

valid for 60 minutes in central Prague from time of validation

90 minutes outside the centre

Buy this ticket if you are traveling on multiple forms of transportation

within Prague for less than an hour

outside of Prague for less than 90 minutes

on the night-tram


When it comes to actually purchasing a ticket, the colours, categories, and zones can get confusing - look at the price. For example if you want a transfer ticket and you are an adult, look for the "32 KC" under the "Transfer" or "Plnocena" heading. Or if you want a child ticket the look for the "16 KC" under the "Transfer' or "Plnocena" heading. Once you press the button next to the price you want, if you want more than one then press the button again. After you have the tickets you want, insert your money and out comes the ticket.


Once you have bought your ticket you will have to validate it.

- If you are traveling on the tram or bus the stamping machine is usually by the door.

- If you are going on the metro there is a yellow box with a credit card sized slot. Insert your ticket with the blank end facing up in the machine. If you hear the machine clamp down the ticket then you are good to go, it not, try another machine.