by Female Abroad

Quick info and an interview with a visitor for a run down of what it was like.

Basic Info

Founded: 880 AD

Currency: CZK (Czech Crown) and EUR (Euro)

Language: 95% Czech, 3% Slovak, 2% - German, Hungarian, Romani and Polish

Known for: history, museum, spires, and beer


Would you recommend it?

By far, yes! It was a wonderful city to explore and wander around. The old part is very much a walking city, do not drive as it takes forever to get around.

Who would you recommend it for?

History buffs, lovers (there was a lot of weddings!), and foodies

How long did you go for?

We were there for just under a week and I felt that like that was more than enough time. We were even starting to get board so we did a few small group tours outside the city.

When did you go?

September for 12 days

Reason for going?

Cousin was getting married in Lednice

Did you need to know the language?

Within Prague you were fine but outside of the city you did.

Where did you stay?

Hotel Questenberk. The location couldn't be beat - it was on a quiet street, beside an embassy, backing onto Petrin park, and half a block away from Prague Castle. The only downside was the long up hill walk we did multiple times a day but it did help us wear off the beer and sausages. Our room was on the top floor with lots of space, it was the most comfortable bed we slept in the entire trip, and our window had a view right out onto the park. And the breakfast! It was worth the breakfast alone. Included with our stay was a full breakfast. There was a table of meat and cheese with fruit, another of hot breakfast items (eggs, sausages, etc), another one of pastries, and another for cereal. We were spoiled. The hotel was really well priced too.

What did you do in the city?

Explored really. We saw a black light theatre show, visited the major tourist sites, took our time to explore everywhere, shopped, and took a couple of tours to other cities.

Where did you go on the tours?

Terezin - we went to one of the internment camps. Very educational and emotional. Being in North America, you learn about thinks like this but it is completely different to see it in person.

Kutna Hora - had to see the bone church. It was a great tour though even though we only took it for one reason. Seeing the town itself and visiting the Italian Court to see how money used to be made was great. Supposedly that is where the term Dollar comes from or that's what they tell us tourists.

What would you suggest for people to do?

Go and check out the shops in old town square (they are fun to explore but expensive)

Take in a black light show

Just walk & explore!

If you ever want to know if you are in an authentic bar or a tourist bar, the authentic bar doesn't ask if you want another beer; they just bring it to you and mark it on a sheet of paper at your table.

Also check out Lime & Tonic it is basically the Groupon for the Czech Republic. For CAD$ 15 we were able to spend an hour on a flight simulator and got a 26oz bottle of champagne to take with us from iPilot. Plus the steak experience at Cowboy's could not be beat. The views were of the entire city and there was so much food that it could have fed 4-5 people and all for CAD$ 20. We had left overs for a few days.

There is lots of art everywhere so a guide book is very handy if you are interested in it

What can people skip?

The astronomical clock, eating in restaurants close to old town square, the propaganda museum - almost anything touristy.

What was your most vivid memory?

There was a restaurant that had the toilet paper holder fastened to the wall behind the toilet and it was so high up that you had to stand on the toilet to reach it.

If you could recommend someone splurge on something, what would it be?

Roundtrip airport transfers. The airport is quite far from the city and after a long flight, it was really nice to just be picked up and driving.

Anything you regret?

Not seeing more of the country and flying home on a discount airline as the staff was wonderful but the actual customers were the worst I have seen anywhere. Everyone was mad and the flight was over sold.

Any other hints?

Check out Charles Bridge in the early morning before anyone else is there.

Don't rent a car for within the city limits.

Bring an umbrella.

Use a dummy wallet.

Absinth is gross and only the tourists drink it.

Don't expect people to be friendly unless they want something.

Pay in Crowns if you can, it saves a lot of $$.

Most bathrooms you do have to pay for so keep your small change!

Skip on sending postcards back home - stamps are crazy expensive and if they show up it will be 3-4 weeks.

Beer gardens are everywhere and are great.

Pretty much everywhere will give you Pilsner Urqell unless you make nice with the barman/server since craft beer is very popular there.

The power on credit card machines goes out a lot so make sure you have cash!

Would you go back?

Yes but I wouldn't stay as long