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With more than 100,000 visitors per year, this important Middle Aged city is one that certainly has not been forgotten. Originally the historical centre of Moravia the majority of major events in Czech history has happened here and it is now a university town with lots to explore. You can still feel the regal-ness that religion brought to most cities about a 1000 years ago with the lots of grand buildings and facades mixed about this farming area.

Driving Distance from Prague: 3 hours

Taking the Train from Prague: 2.5 hours (take a direct train from Main Railway Station)

Sights & Sites

St. Wenceslas Cathedral

Premyslid Royal Palace

Underground tour

Horni Namesti square

Holy Trinity Column - UNESCO monument

Astronomical Clock - built in 1955

Archbishop's Palace 30km educational trail that takes you around the twenty forts and other military objects from around the Napoleonic wars

Try the Olomouc Tvaruzky cheese


City Festival - reconstructions of battles, music, and local food

Olomouc half-marathon

Celebrations of Marshal Radetzky - presentation of military music

Promenade Concerts - held throughout the summer

Olomouc Summer of Culture

Christmas Markets

Theatre Flora

International Organ Festival

Autumn Festival of Spiritual Music

Dvorak's Olomouc

Baroque Festival

Nearby Attractions

The Holy Hill & Lookout Tower

Olomouc Zoo

Bouzov Castle

Helfstyn Castle