North Bohemia - Perfect for your summer and winter vacations

by Female Abroad

If you prefer to spend your free time on the go, then North Bohemia is just the right place for your vacation. The landscape here is strongly influenced by the Krusne, Jizera, and Luzice mountain ranges. The local rock cities are a real gem of natural beauty.

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the romantic landscape of Bohemian Paradise offer up plenty of breathtaking scenery. Whether you come to explore on bicycle, skis, or just with a backpack, you are in for some great experiences!

Bohemian Switzerland

The story of the area known as Bohemian Switzerland began many millions of years ago, when it was covered by a shallow sea; from this sandy bottom, a wondrous world of sandstone was born. This is a world of rock towers, bridges, and gates, a world of quaint stone formations reminiscent of honeycombs and hourglasses. Is unspoiled natural beauty and mysterious gorges create a unique charm that's easy to fall in love with. Take a walk along Gabrielle's Trail leading from the settlement of Mazni Louka to the famous Pravcicka Gate, the largest natural rock gate in Europe.

Did you know that the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is part of the Elbe Sandstone Protected Area, known as Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland for the past two hundred years? The name is accredited to two Swiss painters whom this landscape reminded of their beautiful home country.

Bohemian Paradise

Can a place have a more poetic and yet poignant name? Bohemian Paradise is truly one of the Czech Republic's natural gems. The exceptionally diverse landscape with its characteristic rock formations, deep forests, ponds, and semi-precious stone areas combine with a wealth of historical monuments - castles, chateaux, and folk architecture.

The mysterious and romantic Trosky Castle, bizarre Gothic castle ruins, are the symbol of Bohemian Paradise. Two castle towers named Baba (Old Woman) and Panna (Virgin) provide an amazing view onto the countryside. There is an unexplored secret corridor system below.

The Gold Trail connects the most beautiful locations of the romantic landscape of Bohemian Paradise and crosses valleys, rock formations, and peaks as well as medieval castles, chateaux, and pine forests. The entire route stretches for 103 km, but you can walk just part of it if you like. One such segment is from Turnov along the red trail.

A great place from which to set off to see the Prachovske Rocks in Bohemian Paradise is the town of Jicin, 6 km from the parking area at the village of Holin, from where you can continue on foot along the short or long walking route. The longer route is 3.5km, and the hike takes up to 2.5 hours.

The renowned Elbe cycle route leads through Bohemia from Hrensko to where the Elbe joins the Vltava River and north again to the source of the Elbe River in the Krkonose Mountains. Pedal Hard!

Insider Tip

Did you know that vineyards and wineries also have a thousand years of tradition in North Hobemia? Visit the grape harvest in the village of Velke Zernoseky near Litomerice and try the delicious wine from the local vineyard!

Come visit the Babylon Center in Liberec! There is plenty of fun and education for both children and adults; try, for example, the aquapark or the IQpark.


The unusual structure on the peak of Jested Mountain near the city of Liberec is both a television tower and a hotel. This unique work of architecture won its author the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize in 1969. In winter it is a favorite destination for downhill ski enthusiasts.

Jizerske Mountains

The Jizerske Mountains are the northernmost mountain range in the country, and there are a number of lookout towers that offer breathtaking views onto the countryside. These mountains are a winter favorite and are a magnet for cross-country skiers. The best known trail is the Jizerska Magistrala - this hosts the famous international cross-country ski competition Kizerska Padsatka, one of the Worldloppet races.

The Jizerska Magistrala, as a hiking trail is part of the 'Hrebcnovka' project that will connect the Jizera and Luzice mountain ranges and Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. It also becomes a bicycle route in the summer. Start your trip from the village of Jizerka - simply pick one of the well-marked trails.

If you are an MTB enthusiast, take a ride up the single track MTB trail below Smrk Mountain - it begins at the natural swimming pool in Nove Mesto pod Smarkem in the nothern part of the Jizera Mountains where the Singletrek Centrum is located.

Insider Tip

Come to Harrachov in the Krkonose Mountains to discover the union of glass and beer. The glassworks and minibrewery here offers an unusual experience - a beer spa.


North Bohemia is a cradle of glassmaking and costume jewellry production, and that's what has made this region renowned throughout the world. Learn more at the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.


The fortress of Terezin is a sad reminder of the cruelty that took place during the Second World War. In addition to the police prison in the Small Fortress, the Large Fortress served Nazi Germany as a Jewish ghetto. From here, the Nazis would dispatch special trains to transport the Jewish population to death camps such as Auschwitz or Treblinka. After the war, the Terezin Memorial National Historic Landmark was founded, now visited by thousands of tourists from around the world.

Temple of Hops & Beer

The Zatec area is known for hops; it is not only where the world-renowned high quality Zatec (saaz) hops are grown, but it is also the home of the educational and entertainment complex called the Temple of Hops and Beer, right in the town of Zatec. So raise your glasses!