My Costs in Cambodia

by Female Abroad

While travelling the hardest thing for me is trying to guess how much cash I'm going to need before I leave home. Most times I over guess which isn't a huge issue if you are buying a currency that won't depreciate before you come back. However SE Asia is not known for having a currency that is worth brining back so you typically want to spend it all over there. During the trip I decided to keep track of what I paid so you can get a general idea if you are trying to plan your trip to the areas. You will also notice how the country flips and flops when it comes to charging in USD or Riel.

exchange rate at that time 4000 Riel = 1 USD

Phnom Penh Costs

USD 7.69: dinner - chicken amok and pitcher of Angkor beer

USD 3: souvenir post cards

Riel 2,000: flower & incense for memorial at killing field

Riel 3,900: 1.5L bottle water from local corner store

Riel 14,000: seasonings from local corner store

USD 5: painting from local marker

USD 5.50: alcoholic drink

USD 5.50: lunch - chicken mango baguette sandwich

Riel 4,000: entrance fee to Wat Pho

Riel 1,900: turmeric powder

USD 9.62: dinner - chicken with tulsi & rice with macha bubble tea

USD 3.96: two moon cakes

Country Side Trucker Pit Stop

They had a full restaurant but did not accept credit card.

USD 7.5: beef in a pineapple with macha latte

USD 18: tour of floating village on Tonle Sappa

Siem Reap / Angkor Costs

USD 0.50: 500ML bottle of water at pharmacy

USD 7.75: dinner- curry with passion fruit mojito (happy hour)

USD 1: jasmine tea with breakfast (breakfast included in tour cost)

USD 1: Buddhist prayer

USD 1: 1.5L bottle of water bought at Angkor

Riel 1,000: bathroom at Angkor Wat

USD 7.50: lunch - chicken amok in a coconut and Cambodia beer can

USD 1.5: dinner - beer (dinner included in tour cost)

USD 1: ice cream - family run shop at the back of the art night market

USD 1: rum & coke (happy hour)

USD 10: 5x handmade paintings at temple

USD 1: 1.5L bottle of water at temple

USD 10: 90 min massage + $2 tip

USD 3.50: red beef curry and 2x beers

USD 4: ATM withdrawal fee

USD 14.75: 26oz of local liquor and a cider