Kunta Hora / Sedlec

by Female Abroad

For me I wanted to go to the town only for the bone covered ossuary as this can only be found in this city; no where else in the world. As I had booked a tour that meant I had to see the rest of the city as well and since the ossuary was a small basement I was glad that there was more to do that day then just that. On the trip I learned that Kutna Hora (the city of silver / treasury of the country) is where the silver mines were and where most of the silver for coins came from for European uses. The guide told us that these dolairs (misspelled for phonetics) where forged here and taken to the America's which is where we get our Dollars from. As this city is built on top of the silver mine, the roads have been known to randomly collapse under foot so just watch your step.

Driving Distance from Prague: 1.5 hours

Taking the Train from Prague: 1 hour (take a train from Main Railway Station to Kutna Hora and then take a local train (or bus) into the city centre; roughly a 3km trip)

Sights & Sites

Silver mines

UNESCO Sites: Church of St. Barbara, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist (in Sedlec)

Stone Fountain

Italian Court; the original mint Czech Museum of Silver; the end of the visit will have you headed down into a mine

Gallery of the Central Bohemia Region (GASK)

the knock off Charles Bridge that isn't actually a bridge


Royal Silvering; reenacts a visit of the Czech & Roman kings to Kutna Hora

Aviation Fair

Gingerbread Festival

Celebrations of Queen Eliska of Hradec Kralove

Czech International Air Fest

Nearby Attractions

Ossuary at Sedlec

Zleby Chateau

Cesky Sternberk Castle