Karlovy Vary

by Female Abroad

If you are looking for a spa then head to Karlovy Vary where King Charles IV loved the mineral water that he founded Loket Castle here in 1350. Found in the Tepla river valley this UNESCO site has a few other historic relics to keep your eyes entertained while you wander the city. This spa city features 12 hot springs and perhaps that is why the town is so relaxed as there is a lot of ways to just find one of these springs to rewind in.

Driving Distance from Prague: 2 hours

Taking the Train from Prague: 3.5 hours (take a train from Main Railway Station directly)

Bus from Prague: 2.25 hours hours (take a bus directly from from Florenc Bus Station)

Sights & Sites

Explore historic Churches

Stop off at Grandhotel Pupp to drink Becherovka while snacking on spa wafers


Hit the racetrack

Stay at a spa to enjoy one of the 12 mineral springs with the most popular being Grandhotel Pupp, Imperial Hotel, and Thermal Hotel

Visit Moser Museum (Museum of Glass Moser)

Learn about the Bechervoka Liqueur at Jan Becher Museum

Wander Mill Colonnade


International Film Festival

Christmas Market

Opening of Spa Season

Nearby Attractions

Jachymov Spa

Frantiskovy Lazne

Loket Castle