Celebrate the Tulips

by Female Abroad

The Netherlands is known as the tulip country. It is especially stunning in the spring, from the end of March until the beginning of May. Tulip and flower fields' vibrant colours give the country a unique charm. Colors like red, yellow, and pink are stunning and overwhelming. The experience is one you shouldn't pass up.

The Mediterranean and Asia are the origins of the tulip flower, which is the emblem of Holland. Despite not being a native flower of the Netherlands, Holland is the home of the tulip, but there is not a single tulip species native to Holland. A renowned biologist named Carolus Clusius brought tulips to the Netherlands in the 17th century. His work with therapeutic herbs in Prague and Vienna brought him much acclaim. He agreed to take a job as the Leiden branch's chief botanist in 1593. Due of the favourable climate in Holland, tulips thrived here.

Clusius established the first botanic garden in Leiden, specialising in decorative plants as opposed to therapeutic ones. With the tulip bulbs and seeds imported from Constantinople (now Istanbul), he created a private tulip collection in this garden, bringing the flower to Holland for the first time. His garden was broken into by several neighbourhood gardeners, who took many of the rare tulips. These are where the now-famous Dutch bulb business got its start. Tulips quickly became a prominent commerce commodity, particularly in Holland. These flowers attracted a lot of attention, and bulbs were sold for exorbitant amounts. Tulips gained tremendous appeal, and the demand for them quickly skyrocketed. The Netherlands had a complete "Tulipmania" in the months of late 1636 to early 1637. Tulips become the subject of speculation. On the other hand, the Dutch tulip market experienced a sharp decline in the first few days of February 1637.

The vivid flowers and breathtaking vista of the bulb fields are the main draws for visitors to Holland. The months of April and May are the busiest for the flower fields in the western part of Holland. At the end of March, crocus blooms are the first to begin flowering, followed by daffodils and hyacinths. Tulips are the last group. From the middle of April through the second week of May, they are a great visual treat.

In Holland, there are numerous flower displays held annually, many of which prominently display tulips. The most exciting and bright springtime destination in Holland is the Keukenhof near Lisse, where tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other flowering bulbs are the major attractions. The area between Den Helder and Leiden has one of the most well-known fields. Others are close to Enkhuizen and in the Flevoland province.

Keukenhof is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a vast, breathtakingly gorgeous flower park. This place has a great ambience. The park, which is only open for eight weeks a year, attracts a large number of visitors and is one of the largest and busiest flower parks. During this time, tourists from all over the world travel to Holland to take in Keukenhof's beauty. It selects a unique theme each year, and everything in the park is designed to fit this concept. It has a 32 hectare area under its control, and there are around 2 700 trees there. There are pavilions where rare and exotic flowers are displayed. Keukenhof is not open all year long. Only between the middle of March and the middle of May is it open.

It is essential to rent a bike in Holland. It is the nation's most pleasant mode of transportation. Renting a bike and riding through tulip fields is more exciting. There are additionally unique routes. You might like the hue and scent very well. To see Keukenhof in Lisse, one of the largest and most well-known flower parks in the world, you can cycle from Leiden to Haarlem. Everyone is aware of Holland's reputation for loving bicycles. In this nation, there are more bicycles than people. Cycling is safe here because of the careful cars and the cyclists' own routes.

If you are looking for another unique flower event then make sure to visit the Corso Zundert Flower Parade. It is the largest in the world and when I had gone they were only allowed to create the parade floats out of wood, nails, and flowers. They were mind blowing! We purchased tickets online, directly from the corsozundert.nl webpage and they mailed them to us in Canada. If you plan on busing to the event, leave early as buses were going by us full of people for two hours leading up to the event and we had to call a cab. It is very popular! If you do not want to buy tickets the, floats go all around the town so just check the parade route, find a curb, and sit. The tickets are for the bleacher seating in the main area.

When the flowers are in bloom when you first visit Holland, you will realise just how stunning the nation is.