East Bohemia

by Female Abroad

Beautiful nature, unique fold handicrafts such as glassblowing or lace-weaving, the rhythm of jazz, and the delicious smell of gingerbread... this is only a sample of what East Bohemia can offer. Set off for the peak of the highest mountain in Bohemia, or bet on your favourite horse in a race. Take a journey into military history and visit at least one of the fortresses built when the country was under threat. www.vychodni-cechy.info | www.kralovehradeckyregion.cz

Sophisticated Military Fortifications

On the eve of the Second World War, a contiguous line of defense based on the French Maginot Line was built as part of security defenses. The preserved forts along the border nowadays attract thousands of tourists. The Hanicka artillery fortress near Rokytnice in the Orlicke Mountains, Bouda and Hurka in the Kralicke fortress area, and Dobrosov near the town of Nachod were part of the pre-war fortifications built to fend off Hitler's expanding Germany.

The best way to get to the Hanicka Fortress is from the town of Rokytnice in the Orlicke Mountains. The fort is built of battle structures on the surface which are connected underground by hundreds of meters of corridors and halls. Descent to a depth of 36 meters, where the temperature is a mere 8C!

The largest fortress is Stachelbery, built halfway between Trutnov and Zacler, located at the easternmost point of the highest Czech mountains, the Krkonose.

Insider Tip

Explore the Dobrosov Fortress educational trail, where you will learn more about the entire fortification system. You can combine a walk along the educational trail with a tour of the fortress

The Krkonose Mountains

The Krkonose are the most famous mountain range in the Czech Republic and are a unique oasis of northern-style nature. They're so unique that they were even designated a national park. In winter, the excellend conditions for downhill skiing and the vast networkd of cross-country ski trails make the Krkonose the most popular ski destination in the country. In summer, they're a favourite destination for hiking and cycling. The Krkonose Mountains bear the legend of Krakonos, the just ruler of the mountains, while the rande is dominated by the graceful silhouette of Snezka, the highest mountain in Bohemia. The most popular starting points are at Pec ped Snezkou and Spindleruv Mlyn. Treat yourself to a breathtaking hike along the Czech-Polish Friendship Trail. This red trail leads across the peak of Snezka.

Insider Tip

The source of the Elbe. You'll have no trouble finding the spot marked as the source of one of Europe's greatest rivers - it is at the Elbe Meadow (Labska louka). The spot is decorated with the coats of arms of the cities that the Elbe River flows through.