Driving in CR

By Female Abroad

When we were in the Czech Republic we were there for a wedding and needed to drive from Prague out to the winery. To pick up the vehicle we needed some specific paperwork:

  1. valid driver's license
  2. passport (or EU identity card)
  3. proof of insurance unless you are going to get it through the car rental agency

In addition to the three items above, BCAA had said that we needed to get an International Driver's Permit but no one looked at it or cared, they just wanted our actual driver's license.

With this paperwork, picking up the car was easy enough (hint: if you are dropping it off at the airport the closest gas station is about 1km away from the drop off point) and while dropping it off was an interesting feat there were a few things that we were warned of before taking off.

  1. they drive on the right
  2. cannot drink and drive; not even one
  3. cannot talk and drive; no communication devices are allowed (ex. cell phone, walkie-talkie, CB radio, etc)
  4. have to wear your seat belt
  5. headlights have to always be on
  6. children 0 - 36kg or 150cm must be in a car seat and in the back

While trucks have computer systems in them that prevent them from going over a specific speed limit depending on their weight (hint: these are posted on the back left of the truck) cars obey the speed signs or:

  1. within town: 50 km/hr
  2. rural areas: 90 km/hr
  3. freeways / motorways / highways: 130 km/hr

Depending on where you are going you may hit a tax / toll area, when you are picking up the car ask if these are covered in your rental because if they are not then you'll need to get some cash or pickup a sticker. If you need to get a sticker then you can buy these at national border crossings, gas stations, and post offices:

  1. annual pass
  2. monthly pass
  3. 10 day pass

Once you have one of these then you attach it to the lower right corner (passenger side) of the windshield. If you are not sure if the road you are going to take has a toll / tax on it then there will be traffic signs that show the difference between the two so you can plan.