Unique attractions in Amsterdam

by Female Abroad

Even the most independent traveller in Amsterdam would undoubtedly want to visit the city's top tourist attractions. There is a lot more to this diverse city than first meets the eye, though, if you're searching for something a little unique or "off the beaten track" to enjoy. City Center Amsterdam is conveniently located near most of the hidden jewels, and if you don't feel like walking (although you can in most cases), you may take use of the excellent public transportation network.


Van Gogh and Amsterdam naturally go together, so the museum devoted to his work is a must see; however, if you are a true art connoisseur, be sure to delve a little deeper and experience the modern art scene that this city is so famous for.

  • The Galerie Fons Welters is very much aimed towards the forward-thinking artist and features industrial installations to show it, while The Radar is a gallery featuring art and architectural exhibitions inspired by an urban impact.

The KochxBos is a lot of fun, and in this outdoor living room area you may admire the kitsch and weird items it is known for.

The EYE Film Museum. Although tickets are required to attend events at this one-of-a-kind museum, the basement features a free permanent exhibition. Movie clips and movie sequences are projected onto the walls all around the space and may be controlled and browsed using a specialised panel. There are individual, futuristic-themed viewing pods with a plush sofa and wide screen that are ideal for unwinding and watching a movie. If you value beautiful architecture, you should also take the building itself into account. In this area of the city, its angular edges and gleaming white façade create a striking statement.

Side Tip: Why not rent a bike and explore the city's other art and design by cycling from one tiny independent art gallery to the next?

Would you like to spend the afternoon outside? You won't be disappointed if you visit the Vrije University Botanical Gardens. In addition to being a sanctuary for rare and endangered plants, this location is also the location of an intriguing collection of plants that were seized at the city's primary airport. Ask the staff at the hostel for the most recent information about seminars and concerts that are frequently held there.

Another unique festivity to experience is the Unseen Photo Fair. It stands out as one of the most cutting-edge and thrilling. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by photographs in almost every aspect of our everyday lives, the fair showcases innovative and perhaps odd ways to use photography for art. Previous artists that have had their photos shown are Gábor Gerhes, Zhe Chen, Santeri Tuori, and Matthew Murray. The unique and arresting photos created by photographers from all around the world pique the interest of the independent and daring traveller.

Speaking with other travellers and staff in the various businesses you visit will undoubtedly give you more ideas because the list of activities for discovering a different aspect of its nature is by no means comprehensive.