Day Trips: Bohemia

by Female Abroad

Day trips from Prague into Bohemia.

Ceske Svycarsko - Bohemian Switzerland

Known as Bohemian Switzerland in English, Ceske Svycarsko is one of four national parks. Here you can find massive rock formations, gorges, towns, and more as you hike through the area that is almost fully covered by forests. The area starts at town Hrensko that has a 20km hiking trail leeding around it, through tunnels, and on ferryboats across the Kamenice river. If you climb up Mary's Rock, Saunstejn, or Belvedere you will be greeted with panorama views. If history is more of an interest than nature, head over to Pravcka Brana where Hans Christian Andersen wrote "The Snow Queen".

Driving Distance from Prague: 2 hours

Taking the Public Transportation from Prague: 3 hours; take a 2 hour train from Main Railway Station to Decin then take a 1 hour bus ride from Hrensko to Mezna

Nearby Attractions: Kost Castle, Sychrov Chateau, Bozkov Caves, Skoda Museum

Cesky Raj - Bohemian Paradise

This interesting rock town is found deep in a pine forest full of castles and chateaux with a UNESCO Geopark. You can squeeze through all the narrow crevices as you wind your way through this maze city. If you hike up Hruba Skala to the Marian Lookout you will get a breathtaking view of the Jested Mounting, Hruba Skala Chateau (which you can book a room to stay at), and the ruins of Trosky Castle. Another couple of lookouts worth the visit are Kozakov lookout town, Trosky Castle ruins, and the top of Zebin Hill.

If you are wanting to hike with the best views then start in Turnov (a city known for it's Bohemian Garnets) and take the Red Hiking Trail to Hruba Skala. Along this walk you will see Valdstejn rock castle, Hruba Skala Chateay, rocky scenic views, and Trosky castle ruins. If you get tired it's only 2km from the rail line but depending on where you are, it might not be close to a station so plan before you go.

Driving Distance from Prague: 1 hour

Taking the Bus from Prague: 1.5 hours (take a direct bus from Florenc or Cerny Most to Turnov)

Nearby Attractions:Usti nad Labem, Decin, Velke Zernoskey