Classical & Modern Arts

by Female Abroad

Music by Antonin Dvorak and Leos Janacek is probably best known abroad. The Czech composer Antonio Dvorak was celebrated in the second half of the 19th century as one of the greatest artists of that time. His famous symphony “From the New World” flew to the moon in the past century along with the first US astronauts and it brought to the interstellar space a message of the excellent tradition of Czech music.

You cannot miss it during your visit to the Czech Republic - you will be offered a rich mixture of concerts and festivals of all genres, which are organized throughout the year and throughout the country; often in the marvelous environment of historical monuments. The fans of visual and utility arts will find interesting collections, both short-term and permanent exhibitions. In addition to the honorable institutions such as the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, National Gallery or National Museum, the Czech inhabitants, including those in small towns and villages, can boast with hundreds of museums and monuments reminding of famous personalities.

Our Tips

- Prague Spring; International music festival

- Moravian Autumn; International music festival

- Smetana’s Litmysl; International Opera Festival in the birthplace of B. Smetana

- International Music Festival at Cesky Krumlov

- International Folklore Festival at Straznice

- Colours of Ostrava; Multi-genre music festival