How to spend a long weekend in Amsterdam

by Female Abroad

One of the most fascinating towns in Europe, Amsterdam welcomes visitors from all over the world. With so much to see, it's important to organize your itinerary before you go. It is advised that you get a centrally located hotel room if you are travelling for a lengthy weekend. Amsterdam is a bustling city, so being in the middle of the action is the ideal way to experience everything it has to offer.

Day One

AM: Start your weekend with a canal trip, which is recommended for first-timers. Numerous locations close to your city hotel sell tickets at reasonable prices. There are numerous canals in Amsterdam, and on the majority of them, boats provide tourist tours. Doing this early in your stay will give you a fantastic perspective of the city, thus it is unquestionably a worthwhile excursion.

AM / PM: After some leisurely sailing, visit the Rijksmuseum to view the finest examples of the Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Vermeer's artworks are among the more than 400 masterpieces that may be discovered all under one roof.

PM: Leiden Square, where there are a huge number of restaurants, bars, and clubs, is a great place to end your night.

Day Two

AM: Visit the Anne Frank House on your second day in Amsterdam to witness where the young woman spent more than two years of her life writing the now-famous Diary of Anne Frank. Tickets are released three months in advance so if you do not book online, there is a very good chance you could spend your entire day waiting in line and not get in.

AM / PM: Proceed to navigate the city on foot this time. A walking tour is a unique way to view a city, and tour guides can meet you close to your lodging. There are many tourist attractions in Amsterdam, but touring the city with a guide may provide you local insight into the greatest cafes, restaurants, and attractions.

PM: Finish the day at the renowned red light district. It is mostly harmless, so don't be alarmed. Grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers with young children, and prostitutes operating behind glass can all be found in the same neighbourhood. You will be safe if you keep in mind to exercise the same caution as you would in any other city. If you are not comfortable exploring by yourself then check out Strawberry Tours to see if they have any of their Red Light District tours operating that day.

Day Three

AM: The Van Gogh Museum should be the first stop on your final day in Amsterdam. More than 200 paintings and 600 drawings by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh are housed there, making it the location of the largest collection of his work.

AM / PM: After being astounded by incredible artwork, visit the quaint Jordaan area in Amsterdam's Greenwich Village. The picturesque neighbourhood is home to winding alleyways, oddball specialised stores, cafes, designer boutiques, and green canals bordered by 17th-century houses.

PM: Rembrantplein, one of Amsterdam's major squares, is where you should end your three-day excursion. After a busy three days, it's a nice location to unwind and observe the people. Once you've given your feet a break, you'll discover that there is no shortage of transportation options to return you to your downtown hotel.

When you visit Amsterdam for three days, you'll be wishing you could stay longer.