10 Places to Visit in the Fall

by Female Abroad

America has quite the array of weather patterns due to just its size, oceans it boarders, and how one side is closer to the equator than the other. Due to this, there are lots of great places to visit during the fall and here are my top 10.

Regions & Parks

  1. The Smokies - Colorado and North Carolina
    One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the United States is the Smoky Mountains and the fall season is when the Great Smoky Mountains are at their best; you only need to look at Instagram to see the breathtaking beauty that is available. This rural hideaway is the ideal place to spend a few weeks because to its rustic red leaves and stunning orange skies. However, don't let their popularity that discourage you because the throngs are now starting to thin out come fall so you might be able to take a pleasure in backpacking alone and discovering the area on your own. There are also many places to stay, including welcoming hotels and fantastic tiny hostels.

  2. Glacier National Park - Montana
    If you have the courage and like adventures then this place is nothing short of a backpacker's paradise. While lodging options are limited, you will discover the ideal location for a camping excursion as you take a dip in the pristine streams and go hiking across this rough terrain. If you travel far enough into the trees, the fortunate ones will come across an abundance of animals; you could even see a few bears!

  3. Columbia River
    This breathtaking setting is something that most people never get to see or experience. If you are daring then you could walk a rickety bridge to look down at a gorgeous waterfall or sign up for white water rafting and get into the river. If both of those do not sound interested then there are several mountain roads to explore if you simply want to enjoy the beauty since as the leaves begin to flush and fall to the ground, you can drive all over the terrain.

  4. The Berkshires - New York
    Originally a location for New York's elite to escape the muggy cities in the summer, the Berkshires are still the place to be with gorgeous lodging and top-notch eating. Celebrate the change of seasons in style by indulging in the charms of lovely rustic cabins, beautiful woodlands for daytime exploration, and in the evening, enjoy a romantic glass of wine on the porch.

  5. Yellowstone - Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho
    In the summer, tourists, travellers, and families swarm this vast expanse of land (with most wanting to visit Old Faithful) and if you can find a single spot to park your camper van, you'll be lucky. However, the park is equally stunning in the fall. You won't even realize that the park is home to one of the largest inactive volcanoes in the world if you spend the fall here as it becomes a tranquil, serene setting when tourists have returned home.

  6. Wine Country - Southern California; Napa, Sonoma, and area
    Forget France, how about a tranquil fall in California's wine region? Drive across a stunning, verdant environment that is home to many wineries then pick up a bottle or two of the most delectable libations you've ever tried after learning how to taste wine.


  1. The Golden Coast - Ventura, California
    You still have time to book that beach vacation. This fall, you can wander the golden coast and stroll on gorgeous sands with lots of opportunities for watersports, and it's still warm enough to swim. This is the ideal location if you want to try water skiing for the first time.

  2. Jackson Hole - Wyoming
    Consider visiting one of America's top ski resorts; Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort, and Grand Targhee Resort. However the city won't have snow for a while which makes for a lovely fall getaway as you could spend the night at an American-themed lodge after taking the Aerial Tram to the highest peaks of the mountains.

  3. New York City - New York
    Why don't you go where they are fleeing from? NYC is popular in the summer but it starts to thin down to just locals in the fall. In Manhattan, fall is a peaceful time of year, and many of the tourist attractions are much less crowded plus the weather is frequently ideal as you've avoided the summer heat waves and are leaving before the December winds hit. There are also the fall sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which savvy buyers should not miss.

  4. San Francisco - California
    By the fall, most visitors have left San Francisco, enabling you to enjoy this lovely city to yourself. San Francisco still has stunning scenery that you may enjoy like taking in the views from the Golden Gate Bridge, take a cable car up to the nearby mountains, where you may marvel at the city below before returning. Concerned about the price of visiting such a well-known place? By choosing a hostel outside of the city, away from the crowds, you can save money however Oakland can still be a bit rough so be careful as to where you choose.